Mighty Crown & Sentinel
JUNE 2012
U-Club, Wuppertal GER     

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5 x 60 running time


Also get the mix cd "Dubs Full Hundred Vol.1" here


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The mere soundpackage MIGHTY CROWN and SENTINEL would definately stand for a wicked juggling night with international standards anyhow, but on June 6, 2012 the ultimate "Big Sound" from Japan and multiple Worldclash Winner and Europe´s World Champion Sound aka the "German Luger" teamed up for a one-of-a-kind event: The 2 soundsystems juggled almost 6 hours of exclusive Dubplates straight back-to-back. There was "no holding back", both sounds fully displayed the musical strength of their dubplate box and the massive enjoyed an exclusive performance, which has never seen before anywhere on this world.
DUBS FULL HUNDRED is meant to be for all the those dancehall reggae music lovers out there, who are hungry for „the real thing“. You will hear everything from Rub-a-dub style to Studio One, Dancehall troughout the decades, all presented on dubplate specials! Once again, cut out the quarrel, cut out the cursing of nowadays clash events, this time it is just real music all night long.

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Check here for photos of the event found on reggaeville.com

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